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Plastic Bottles Glass Bottles – Pharmaceutical Bottles – Plastic Jars – Glass Jars – Plastic Caps – Dispensing Caps – Tubes – Fine Mist Sprayers – Trigger Sprayers – Lotion Pumps – Treatment Pumps – Sealing Discs – Measuring Scoops and More

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Buying and Selling Excess Inventory Impacts the 3 R’S


Packaging Buyer is a Market Place where you can sell your Surplus Packaging Inventory. We buy surplus packaging excess primary, overproduced, returned, discontinued, overstock or close out packaging items at the best possible pricing.

Recycled packaging is increasing in popularity as consumer awareness shifts towards minimizing the impact of the purchases we make. Consumers are looking for a “guilt-free” product made by companies that aim to reduce their footprint without compromising quality. We also have green packaging products.

Reusing the packaging products that have already been produced and subsequently have been rendered as excess inventory has two major benefits. Primarily, it reduces the use of the raw material and energy in production and transportation while keeping the existing inventory surplus from going to the landfills or end up in the Oceans.

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How can i earn cash by selling surplus inventory or packaging containers?

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about cash against surplus inventory at packaging buyers!
  • After selling surplus packaging how do I get payment in Cash or Wire Transfer?

    We typically make payment through a wire or ACH transfer. We can also issue a business check if the seller prefers.

  • How long does it take to receive the payment?

    The wire transfer is made on the same day when the shipment is picked up.

  • Do you buy packaging from firms outside the United States?

    Yes. The quantities must be in excess of 100,000 for us to consider buying excess inventory from outside the United States.

  • Can I return or cancel an order?

    We strongly recommend the customer to conduct all of their due diligence prior to placing their order. We typically do not accept the cancelation of an order.

  • How does Packaging Buyers help turn extra inventory to cash?

    Once you contact one of our representatives by completing the above form or call us, we’ll quickly get back to you, evaluate your stock, and make the best offer. Once you accept the offer, we buy them immediately – quick and hassle-free.

  • How long have you been in this business and what are your credentials?

    We have been in the packaging business for over 30 years and offer a wide range of packaging components and printing and other related value added services.

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