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    Pharmaceutical Bottles

    Packaging Buyers has an extensive collection of pharmaceutical bottles and medicinal glass bottles that serves a broad range of purposes. From 60 cc pharmaceutical bottle to 625 cc, the bottles are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Glass pharmaceutical bottles are available in Amber & Cobalt Colors. Glass pharmaceutical bottles are available in Size Capacity of 60 CC, 75 CC, 100 CC, 120 CC, 150 CC, 200 CC, 250 CC, 300 CC, 400 CC, 500CC, 625 CC, 750CC, and 950 CC.

    Plastic pharmaceutical bottles are available in Size Capacity of 60 CC, 75 CC, 100 CC, 120 CC, 150 CC, 175 CC, 225 CC, 275 CC, 300 CC, 400 CC, 500CC, 625 CC, 750CC, and 950 CC and 1 Gallon. This Bottles are available in Amber, White, Dark Green, Emerald, and Clear colors.

    Our bottles come in a range of colors, including those that protect the contents from light. Every product that we manufacture and sell strictly adheres to the guidelines of the Federal Government.


    Pharmaceutical Bottles

    The Appropriate Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottle for Every Product

    At Packaging Buyers, we have the appropriate plastic pharmaceutical bottles as well as glass pharmaceutical bottles for every purpose. Plastic bottles that are available at our store include PET and HDPE bottles for pharmaceuticals that can easily withstand the corrosive effects of chemicals and the impact of bleaching agents.

    If heat resistance is your concern, then the PETG plastic bottles manufactured by our experts will be a great option! On the other hand, LDPE plastic is the best option for products that need to be squeezed out, as it has great flexibility.

    MDPE is an alternative to PET Pharmaceutical bottles and HDPE plastic bottles for products that need protection from external damage and injury. The plastic bottles available for sale at our store are the best choice for packaging pills, syrup, shampoo, conditioner, and roll-on items.

    Glass is one of the most sought-after materials for manufacturing pharmaceutical bottles. Its inert nature makes them great for manufacturing medicinal syrup bottles. Glass also provides a classy look while being a great alternative to traditional plastic bottles. Besides pill and syrup bottles, we also have tincture bottles for small capacity storage on sale.


    What kind of Caps and Closures are Available?


    There are a range of plastic and glass bottles available that come with caps. But to make it look great, we also sell fancy lids that can be purchased separately. Dropper lids provide great control over the dosage of thin liquids, are tamper-evident, have child-resistant capable lids, and provide additional safety.

    You are requested to read the product description before making a purchase. Also, you can get in touch with us to more about our products. We’d be more than happy to respond to your queries.